Alright, I am just testing out some word art. So, I am going to write a fictional reply to your article. Don’t take offence. It is an attempt to get you to think beyond convention. Here it goes…

You are hilarious! An imitation of life’s frequent successes in utter failure on the premise of that which bestows us. Yes, frequency. No, to bad things. I get that. What is it that you really want? Are you not happy? Because, I believe you are happy. I think you have already attained the thing you seek. Bland old, la de dah, beginnings, and with a fake God, or something that perverts your countenance and poise. Your wicked old king is getting you to talk about “frequencies,” as usual. In this multiverse, of which we are considered about as important as cockroaches, we are divided by your (or anyone’s) superior ambitions. Yeah, just vibrate fast enough and they won’t find us. They, the lower vibrational entity, has already found you a long time ago. I know this, because unlike God, you remain untainted in your imaginary reflection of yourself.

Though, it has occurred to me (a long time ago) that success is pre-fixed with failure. In fact, that is the only way one succeeds.

The question is this, what do you want to succeed at?