Deepak Chopra is a shamster. He knows nothing about God or spirituality. He is a spiritual entertainer, a con artist.

I’m going to throw his false preachings of false positivity into sharp relief, by introducing to you one simple fact…. Did you know that 100 billion animals are slaughtered here on earth every year by human beings? What you don’t know is what that number means. If you kill one animal every second it would take you about 12 days to kill one million animals. If you killed 100 billion animals in the same manner, one every second, it would take you 3100 years! That is the world we live in.

To be honest, I think Deepak is a robot. He actual signs his name with PhD and a TRADEMARK symbol. Seriously. Who does that?

Anyways, thank for the very much needed criticism of this ridiculous huckster. It is very worrisome.