Ethan, how do you know what you are saying is correct? It just seems absolutely impossible for things to be further away, in terms of light years, to the actual “age of the universe.” That 14 billion year old age of the universe thing is just something that we were taught in old text books, by people that didn’t know anything… comparatively. There are legitimate newer theories about the universe, such as the “holographic universe,” etc. There is even mathematical evidence, for instance, that characterizes the information that a black hole can contain as actually 2-dimensional, not 3-dimensional! I think that you are stating conventional ideas from some time in the recent past, a past that didn’t have any answers. I’ll give you a hint… the universe was not created 14 billion years ago. Life (not the universe) has existed forever. The universe was created. It is a product of technology. Our lives are a story board. There is nothing “real” in our physics. Our existence is mind, and nothing more, although it is also everything else too.