Faith and belief in God has nothing to do with religion. “Seeking” is a solitary pursuit. So, you know the heterosexual conservative orthodoxy is corrupt. Why wouldn’t they be? Every other thing that exists here, on “earth,” is the same. I actually remember 12 year old prostitutes on the streets in my hometown where I grew up. And you know what? There are 100 billion animals that are slaughtered every year on earth by “humans.”
I know that we as human beings have a difficult time understanding large numbers, but consider this. If one million seconds is 12 days, then 100 billion seconds is 3100 years. That’s how bad we are. You think God would want to help us? Why didn’t you even know this? Are you complicit? We live in a fucking factory. We are the widgets that are being produced. The earth is a crop circle. And, get this, the earth is neither flat nor round. It is a shared network holographic experience. Your problems are much greater than religion. In fact, after learning any more, you would probably cling to them for survival. And, that is what religion does. Agreed: religion is bad.