Hi Deepak, I too used to have the same kinds of ideas with respect to the true nature of reality, Maya versus Matrix, etc. However, I later discovered that my understanding was too soft and generous towards our world, always giving the benefit of the doubt. It was like an abused wife always excusing the actions of her abusive husband. Then I grew more mature in my views and now I see things more clearly. I know that any kind of negative talk is considered unpopular, but eventually one has to just simply see the forest for the trees. You may realize that we were all born into a world where all the animals eat each other, but what you may not realize is that human beings are not the top of the food chain. I could go on. I have some advice instead ... begin to start looking at things more critically, consider that deception is a form of malevolence, and that our world might be under malevolent control. Just saying.

There are two good books that I recommend called "Beyond Biocentrism," and "Wisdom of the Overself." But, don't let these kinds of books lull you into a state of false comfort.

By the way, I have been "seeking" my whole life and believe or not I can speak and understand parseltongue.

The real picture of the world is much more complex and advanced than either Maya or the Matrix, though they exist too. If you knew just how advanced, you'd be very surprised. Good luck.