Hi Ethan, these ideas about the nature of physics and reality you are describing are simply a repetition of old ideas that are wrong. Firstly, we live in a virtual reality… the thing you are calling the Earth and universe, etc. This is a world of illusion. It makes as much sense to ask a person playing a video game about the speed of the moving pixels, as it does for us to go about measuring light. I don’t know if this will ever sink in. You should try to learn this thing I am trying to describe to you, otherwise you will be wasting your life and efforts. There is some hard evidence that supports what I am saying. For instance, the two dimensional description of the information contained in a black hole. Time is a perception, like the experience of watching a movie. A person is able to experience great amounts of time in a few short intervals, like when has a dream. There is a physical reality to things, but just not what our standard senses are showing us. Furthermore, the world is much more complex than you are thinking it is. I don’t mean to badger you, but for your own sake expand your awareness and understanding of things.