Hi. I am a scientist. I am not deluded; it just seems like I am because my views are so different. If you are science minded, like myself, then explain these things...

1) if light has a constant speed, then why does it demonstrate a doppler effect, the way sound does? Things that travel away from us appear red shifted, and things moving toward us appear blue shifted.

2) explain the results of the "delayed choice double slit experiment." Take all the time you need.

3) Why is the information contained within a black hole proportional to its surface area and not its volume?

4) why is it that a person, when speaking and breathing, takes the exact volume of air into their lungs in order to speak their next sentence? When they haven't even thought yet what next to say next.

5) Explain the results of Libet's experiment. Google it.

Here's an example of what the scientists are beginning to say:


Science is indicating that we live in a simulation. In fact, I know that we do. I am going to insert humour here now, so that you don't get too freaked out. Do you remember that Jack Nicholson quote, "You can't handle the truth!" Well, that might be true as well.

I know that such a sudden shift in perspective can be jarring and uncomfortable. But, I know something more, too... our world is far more complex than our current physical models. It is built on air! In layers of rarified rule based abstraction that at its foundation is nothing more than imagination. Where there is something, there is is everything.

These things that we learn are part of a journey. Always keep an open mind and the world will surprise you in every way, beyond any conventional teaching. Remember... "The truth is out there."

Good luck and best wishes.