Hi, I had never of Sam Harris before. Thank you for the link!

I see you’ve written quite a lengthy article on the subject of free will, as a counter point to Sam Harris’s statements. That must have taken some effort. Nice writing.

The thing is… Sam Harris is correct. I know this would be a bitter pill for you to swallow, and also something very counter-intuitive.

The idea of free will is valid, and must exist somewhere, but just not for human beings at the moment. It takes quite a large amount of experience to finally understand such a thing.

There is a card trick from a magician named, David Berglas, where what he does in that trick is impossible. Now you may think that what I have just said is my own non-magician lay-person ignorance. But, consider this… there is a physics experiment called the “delayed choice double slit experiment,” that is basically the same thing as the card trick. It shows that the “science experiment vignette “ is possibly pre-written, just the same way the “card trick vignette” is possibly pre-written. Keep an open mind.

I’ve just given you a couple of examples that suggests that things are not as we understand them, however, I have learned most about this topic from many other sources. I won’t be able to go into it all, but suffice it to say, I have been shown that this is the case repeatedly.

I have written a good description of the “delayed choice double slit experiment,” you might enjoy…