Hi John,

Thank you! It is ecclectic isn't it. I have been witholding judgement of my own experiences for many years now. I have allowed myself to enjoy life at face value despite having knowledge of things that are different from conventional thought. I was a former neurosurgeon, trained at Cornell, and when I left the profession I told myself it was because I wanted to become a bohemian. Later, as it turns out, I became a seeker. A seeker is someone that wants to learn about life, and to learn the truth about everything, basically. I have a deep desire to live in the actual conscious presence of life... to learn how to see things from multiple various other perspectives, if you will. I find your interest in Causality intriguing.

We have a strong natural bias, as human beings, to want to explain everything logically. Things are not always logical, though, or are causally linked. I'll give you an example, the existence of irrational numbers, for instance. If you look at the proof of these numbers you will soon conclude that they have nothing to do with fractions. It is beyond the scope of this letter to explain it further, but trust me when I tell you those numbers shouldn't exist, yet they do. Life is very strange and complex.

So, back to causality. The genius of the designer can be seen by the many layers of (seeming) causal explanation for any given phenomenon. On the one hand we have the wave front geometry that explains the classical interference pattern of the double slit experiment, but then we are shown that this is the wrong explanation, and that there is another explanation. This is the way it is in theoretical science, one theory supplants another, and another and so on. How many of these layers of explanation are there? Does it go on forever?

I think causality, in general, is just a story we are being told. I think the substrate of our existence, and of everyone's existence, resides within 100% pure imagination.

I have have seen many other realms of life that I can barely put into words. As an example, I have seen civilizations that exist in syncithial form in the multitude living in what appears to be planes and volumes of light fiber, or something. Beings without strong physical form as we know it, though they share our space. All those UFO sightings are just a smoke screen. Trust me I'm a doctor.