Hmmm... McMindfullness you say.

I watched my cat this morning catch, maim and kill a mouse. He does this frequently. When you one day realize that both the cat and the mouse are an invention, you will begin to see things very differently.

I know that we always want to put a positive spin on things, but the facts of life suggest a different story. The other things that are an invention, by the way, are: painful childbirth, diseaes and war.

To give you a starker picture of reality, so that some of what I'm telling you sinks in, I'll tell you a fact. If you were to kill one animal every second, it would take you about 3100 years to kill the number of animals that are slaughtered every year for human consumption on this Earth. That's 100 billion animals.

So, my question is this, where is this so called unconditional divine love, if not in ourselves?

Your beliefs are based on a narrative, and the narrative is a lie. Humans are farmed. We live in a crop circle.