Human awareness is supplied by an external source in the form of a memory. Your experience of being awake and alive is augmented by this external source of memory. Your life is a pre-recording, even your science experiments are a pre-recording. You don’t have access to the machinery of your mind because you are being deceived. Actively. For instance, life has existed forever, and yet somehow you don’t remember any of it. I will next tell you something that will seem like you are hearing it for the first time, but is something you have known all along… Ready? We were born on a planet where all the animals eat one another.

This world is a neuro-sensory, interactive simulation. And, in this simulation child birth is painful and dangerous, diseases are an invention, and we are continuously as a species in mortal conflict. This world has nearly 500,000 live births and deaths per day. We slaughter nearly 100 billion animals per year. And, we create content such as “real housewives,” for our entertainment. This world is a caricature of fulminant evil. Wake up.