I am a former Neurosurgeon. I have exactly the same experiences as you do in exactly the same manner you describe. And, I’ve had them for more than twenty years. I have learned a lot, and seen a whole lot more, as I’m sure you have too. I can explain things better for you if you want.

The beings that you are seeing or hearing are not friendly, but not all of them are unfriendly. You are wrong about there being no weapons in space. I have met much more advanced beings, too, some of them I am allied with, some others can be bad. I know this can seem overwhelming at times, but I’ve gotten very used to it now.

The beings that you are hearing are like a sociocultural mask, in that they hide other realities from you. I have seen some of those other realities. They are nothing like anything that is human, and they are in control.

You should seek help and protection from higher powers, because you are going to need it. You need to become strong emotionally and cognitively. Don’t be afraid to ask God for help too.

Have you watched the movie “fifth element” or “galaxy quest”? Galaxy quest tells a tale about a ship’s captain that was actually just an actor, and because the comical alien creatures had no real notion about what it is to lie, they had to be told by the captain as if “telling a child” what it means to lie or “act.” Now, just for a moment consider you are the thing that is being taught by the captain. Can you understand what I’m saying?

I even know why it’s 3 am, etc., when you hear those beings. The stuff you are receiving is like a radio signal, and because we live in a “clockwork orange” there are certain times of the day when things line-up and the shielding that blocks those signals is temporarily removed.

I’ve been writing extensively on Medium about some of my experiences. I can teach you a great deal more, if you are interested.

You are right. Your musings are priceless, unfortunately not many other people have the necessary perspective to understand that what you are writing is true.