I cured myself of PTSD after 911, using MDMA, MDA, Ketamine, meth amphetamine, and magic mushrooms. I no longer take any of those drugs, but they worked. I am a doctor. However, I currently drink way too much white wine and have episodes that are manic. Last night for example, after going to bed fully clothed, I found myself without underwear. Apparently, I had taken them off and soaked them in water. I found them in the basement early in the morning before my girlfriend woke, thank God! I have some memory of lying on the basement floor possibly with my pants off and wet underwear somewhere in the periphery. Is this TMI? Anyways, long story short, I woke up this morning as if I were high on cocaine but with massive emotions. I started dancing on my patio to: 1) 911 by lady gaga, 2) where did I go wrong by UB40, 3) stupid love by lady gaga. I listened to these songs 10-15 times over and over again. How crazy am I? I also experience what you would call real magic, and get this, I actually am able to communicate with aliens! I know this is all sounds kind of crazy and humorous, but I am telling you that this is the actual truth. Bon chance!


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