I hate language. Everyone speaking it is wrong about everything, always. Language is pre-recorded, too. Language is a tuxedo that a monkey is forced to wear. Music isn’t much better. You don’t express ideas in language, instead it is a platform to pontificate. Language is what a zombie uses to appear normal, even though the zombie doesn’t even know it needs to appear normal. Language is gpt -3. Language is only ever somebody trying to get the last word. Thank you for the incredible ________ book review, about an unimportant, nay meaningless subject. My cat is smarter, and why, you might graciously ask? He doesn’t speak. Ever. He isn’t hamstrung by language the way you are, and he is better off for it. I totally agree with you. Language is bad, but all spelled out in capital letters with an exclamation mark at the end and also at the beginning. Here is an illustration of that last sentence: !BAD! But, it wasn’t always so. Language in the spring time of our one young soul, used to be the conveyance of a summer breeze or the glint of dew drops in the morning on a forest meadow. Now it has become all plagiarized. Vapid, contentless and un cat worthy. Language, to spell it plainly, is an argument waiting to happen. Words dawdle about cellulose, and before you know it, a rumble emerges. Every time. Language is the cause of global warming, too, I’m sure, because if nobody ever spoke to one another, you wouldn’t have needed that ridiculously oversized SUV that was sold to you again using words. Marshal McLuhan was right we should all just “tune in, turn on, and drop out,” and all because of language. And, think of this, language is just another word for grammar, typos, and spelling mistakes. Nothing has ever been achieved using language, except maybe war and real housewives.