I have found that a lot of fiction is not really fiction. It is as if the author’s future self is guiding the story to tell some aspect of truth, especially when there are warnings involved. I have not read the book “The Thing Itself,” but one aspect of the philosophical question about the Fermi Paradox as the writer suggests, is very true. There are aliens, or rather, other living beings everywhere. Some of us just can’t see them. The reason is simple. We live in a mixed reality that is a bit like wearing virtual reality headsets. The real world isn’t physical, as we know it. We experience something that appears to be physical, but it is really more like watching a movie. So, where are all these aliens you ask? On the other side of your headset. You can see them with eyes closed using your mind as a sense organ. I know that sounds strange. There isn’t just aliens out there, there are many other levels of reality too, with all different types of aliens… including things that are very small and fast, as well as big and slow, everything in between, and every combination thereof. I love sci-if! Thanks for the list.