I know the answer why there is no world peace, and I know that in our current trappings there never will be.

First, learn how sunshine is made. Second, tell me what is meant by “man does not live on bread alone.” I am serious. When you start to understand these questions you will start to understand the secrecy and the continuous struggle human beings face. The local control group is complicit in the harm that it inflicts on its own children.

We live in a virtual reality, which is a type of mixed reality simulation of a physical world. In other words, there is no physical world, elements and minerals like we think there is. So, let me ask you again… how is sunshine made if there is no matter?

I know that what I writing is going to seem very off the wall to you, but I have truly woken up and quite awhile ago.

Humans are farmed. We are controlled by advanced beings and advanced technology. Nothing that you see as “nature” is natural. It has all been designed, even our diseases and wars.

Humans are held prisoner in a totalitarian system. Everyone around you is an actor, including your parents. But, they are doing it in a double blind manner.

If you want to learn more, I’ll be happy to tell you more. This world is anything but what it appears to be.