I know the truth. ET’s are everywhere. There’s also a wide diversity to these other beings. They live in different realms of existence to ourselves and others, but there is also an overlap to all our worlds. One of the hurdles to this understanding is that we live in a mixed virtual reality. We think of things being physical in nature, when in fact what we think of as physical is actually virtual. The ET’s aren’t just a little bit more advanced than us; they are millions of times more advanced. Many of them are also unfriendly, but not all. I’ve communicated with many of them and have seen some of their communities and a city too. Anything that I write here is going to sound ridiculous to you, but the truth is far more than what I’m writing. For instance, there’s one group of beings that live in an accelerated time frame. One second for us is like 12 days for them. Also, these particular beings appear as a syncytial mass, connected like a network on what appear to be avenues and planes of multidimensional light fibre. Their appearance is more like fungal mycelia than anything we would recognize. They are extremely technically advanced. The other larger beings can communicate an entire book of information nearly instantly, using only thoughts without words. Some realms seem like heavy industry, others more like home. The beings that are the most evolved, seem to be existent only with mind and without body or physical appearance. They even show me stuff, like the motivation and cognitive stance of another person. I’ve been in contact with these other beings for nearly twenty years. What is “out there” will truly surpass your wildest expectations. Does that help?


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