I know we live in a simulation.

You asked: “I want to take the red pill and wake up to the “real” world. How would I go about it?” Answer: take the red pill.

I’ve taken the red pill. I have seen all kinds of things, including a visual digital construction of our world. Believe me. We live in a simulation. The simulation was not created by God, but other advanced beings. We live in a world of social construction where emotions and quality are engineered. I’ve seen good and I’ve seen real evil. Believe me.

There is no way for a person to conduct science in the simulation because the science is itself a simulation. You can be shown anything, including double slit experiments, etc.

The only thing I consider really about those that don’t know is their ability to handle the reality of the truth. And, I don’t think most people can handle the truth.

Think of an animal factory farm… and the way we “humans” perceive the animal plight, and you will get a better sense of the way you as a “human” are being considered.

Did you know that we live on a planet where all the animals eat one another? Did you also know that we kill nearly 100 billion animals per year in order to sustain us? Did you also know that there are about half a million live human births per day, and nearly the same number of deaths? Do the math. Would you say this world is benevolent just because you feel good and believe yourself to be privileged?

What do you think the “secret message “ of the crop circle is? Shall I make it plain. We live in a crop circle. We are the livestock. Us livestock are controlled by simulation.

If you think I’m joking just remember that we live on a planet where ALL THE ANIMALS EAT ONE ANOTHER!