I read the report yesterday, and the official answer is that they don’t know what the UAP sitings are. But you guessed correctly, the truth about UAP’s is even stranger. The universe is largely a virtual experience. I call it virtual, but it is really more of a mixed reality… with things overlapping. For instance, use a forest as a metaphor for the universe, and use a tree as a metaphor for earth. When you look at a real forest there are many life entities that support its growth. There are many unseen things, like vast networks of fungi, that are crucial for the forests growth and survival. The forest is a vastly complex ecosystem with many layers. This is the way the universe is too. There are realms of life on all kinds of different levels and even in different time domains. All of these things are in a kind of parasitic symbiosis with one another. It is the unseen realms which are the biggest influence. And, all of it, is cognitive rather than physical… and is artificial rather than natural. This is the most unbiased way I can explain it.