I think we (mankind) need to re-examine what we are told to believe. Quantum computing and quantum mechanics are good examples of science that might be pure fiction.

I don’t believe that superposition occurs at all. The dynamics of the Qubit can be fully modelled as a dipole that precesses around a central local axis, where the dipole spins with yaw. When a measurement is taken, the Qubit is is instantly stopped and measured. It is either in an up state or a down state, at that instant.

Entanglement is something totally different. It can be thought of as a shared persistent vibrational state, like a block of quivering Jello. Where the pieces that get cut off from that block also have the same EM linked vibrational quality. What makes the phenomena of entanglement a mystery to us is our lack of understanding of the forces that sustain entanglement. It could be evidence of higher dimensional physical reality, because we see something being divided and yet it isn’t.

Superposition is fantastical thinking. I don’t believe the phenomena exists in terms of physical reality, and yet from a metaphysical perpsective there may be only superposition.

Just some thoughts.