I think you misunderstand me.

I am suggesting that there is a greater holistic problem in our world that leads to symptoms of rape and violent culture.

One sees the same kinds of behaviour in prisons and animal factory farms.

I don’t think you are being radical enough in your thinking. The predicament we face as human beings is far worse than you imagine. Between our never ending wars as a species and the mass experimentation and slaughter of animals, at our own hands and on an ever increasing daily basis, I don’t think the object of our collective social activism has been addressed even slightly. People assume that they are in charge, for instance, of their own thoughts and words. I know that they are not.

In my view, men lead an imaginary existence. Families are false. People are born into a breeding farm, and humans are enslaved. Our main export commodity is ignorance and loss-of-awareness, and ultimately powerlessness.

People mostly seem reactionary to me now. Anger creates a kind of stimulant of pleasure, you see, as does violence, and as a result we keep fighting with each other. And, we never evolve. Worse than that, we have complete disregard for other species. We don’t really even care about each other that much.

I wonder why we even try to communicate.

Like an animal that is staring at the finger that is being pointed, by its master, we human beings are the same way. Your article isn’t really about men.

There is a gross injustice being perpetrated against humanity, of which rape culture is a manifestation.