I will. When I have a moment of placidity. Right now, I’m too stirred up railing against the Yin and the Yang. Yeesh! Life is so complex. I have just made a homemade pizza. It had 4 fromagio grated cheese mix with Gouda that I added in extra. Four meats, of which pepperoni was one, but I also added red pepper and mushrooms. Do you know how good it was? Totally amazing. The ingredients cost nearly $40. Lol. We are in lockdown, here in Ontario, Canada, but I don’t care because I get to make dinners every night. And, my cat loves me, too.

I was previously writing to you in loose fashion. The reason is because being loose in one’s thinking, makes a person think more and better. I would hope, as one does, that a little bit of the looseness would rub off on you. Because, though you may not believe it, it is important.

Where do you live? Is it nice there?