I’m getting sick of Apple. You know what it’s like to write a sandboxed app in Swift? Horrible. Have you ever tried writing performance code in Swift and compared it with the equivalent in C++? Astonishing difference. The MacOS is like an over protective mother constantly forcing you to wear sweaters. Ugly sweaters. If you do actually manage to write code that uses the built in GPU with accelerated libraries such as Basic Linear Algebra (BLAS) the computer starts to overheat so much that you actually think it might explode. I think you can really only use Macs for very basic computing… simple things like word processing. The performance of a Windows machine, in my experience, has always been head and shoulders above a Mac every time. The gamers for sure know this. But, there is something that is also quite off putting about Apple, and it relates to their corporate culture and mindset. I got a glimpse of this when I had to interact with them when publishing stuff to their App Store, while paying a large annual subscription and while giving them 30% of the sale profits. Control and greed. From a programmers perspective the world just seems less free under Apple. I will switch back to Windows and use plenty of GOTO statements and ELSE-IF trees a mile long, because I know that the people at Apple hate that kind of thing.