It will be difficult for me to explain it to you, mainly because there is too much background information that is required. I might try, though. What do you mean “once was a seeker”? Were you a seeker and gave up, or did you find what you were seeking?

Hmmm… well let me see. Human beings are a product of social engineering. The lives of human beings are replayed like a programmed recipe. Our world is like a giant player piano, where the same things are generated over-and-over again in precise manner. The mechanism by which this is done is through automation. So, much of the control structures that are used to implement this are based on simulated personalities, etc., that are in a sociocultural human understandable format. Myths are generated that human beings can focus on, rather than on true reality.

The statement that you quoted from the bible is of particular interest, because it firmly straddles the boundaries of hubris across both good and evil. The problem with this is that it if were to be spoken by a living soul then this act of hubris would expose that person to unbounded dangers. It is one of the strongest statements that exists in the bible, but things beyond our understanding such as true good and evil are limitless. It would be like a person knowingly opening a Pandora box. There might be individuals that are that foolish, but they wouldn’t remain that way for very long.

I have a secret ability, though. I can see through things. I can see the thoughts of people, sometimes. And, I once sat in a church and listened to a priest speak in a manner similar to what you quoted. What I heard was a simulated personality, and I could actually “see” the entity that was speaking in the domain that it existed in, using my mind. The thing speaking was an automation object, and not human.

I know this is going to seem really outlandish to you, but true reality gets even stranger than that. In other words, I have barely told you anything at all.

I am curious about your seeking…