Matter is an experience. Mind is the thing that is doing the experiencing. Mathematically speaking, we are surrounded by Lie groups. This is why it takes us so long to learn things, if ever. You will never come up with a unified theory if you cannot understand Lie groups properly. Does that make any sense to you? What if it were true that, for instance, the “delayed choice double slit experiment” was a pre-recording? Would you insist on knowing why it was a pre-recording? Well, I can tell you. The action of thinking, even in a dream state, creates a kind of useable energy that can be harnessed to do other kinds of work. In fact, entire civilizations can be built up from this kind of useable energy. You might then ask, are there such civilizations? Well, I can tell you that too. Yes, there are, it is the reason there are humans “here” on Earth. However, “here” is also an experience. So, where are we, you might further ask? And, I can answer that too. We are somewhere locked in a dream state generating useable energy from the actions of our thinking that is being used to power entire civilizations. We are so valuable, for this purpose, that we are kept hidden and surrounded by Lie groups, our entire lives. It is only ever very rarely that anyone ever figures this out. I think I might be the only one on this planet that knows this, even though the message has been broadcast for decades now. In different forms and languages, of course, and using tools such as story telling, music and children’s rhymes. One of those other languages, is the “language of metaphor.” If for instance, I was to saying something like, “ farmers nowadays, when growing soy beans or wheat, only ever care about the yield and not the environment.” And, was also to add that I am not talking about soy or wheat, what would I be taking about? There’s a big world of information out there, and answers are everywhere. Go ahead, ask me anything, I’ll try to give you an answer.