Nice article and well written. There is a conspiracy. The people in charge of this world don’t want you to learn anything about it. You are being baby sat and domesticated. We live in a world of simulated physical reality, but it is actually holographic. The people in charge of this world are not human, because earth is a farm… a crop circle. Humans are the live stock. Ive seen and communicated with many aliens, of all kinds of different types. We live on a holodeck, in rustic period costumes. The people around you, behind the facade, are actors, even your family. I know because I can talk to them too. The aliens are much more advanced than you would ever easily imagine. And, there a different forms of life that almost defy description. You live in a mathematical domain, which should be the big clue to the artifice that we have all been embedded into. The truth about aliens is far weirder than you realize, and much more pervasive than the occasional UAP sighting.