Oh yes, I remember. You are the guy that hates America. You are on a diatribe about how bad America is, but realistically, I see you as the same ignorant thing. I totally agree and disagree with you on every one of your very so meticulous points. And yes, that was slight sarcastic. Maybe! What’s your deal? Would you like to be governed by the Taliban, where you don’t have to go to Disneyland any more? Oh yes, I forgot. You’ve never been to Disneyland. You just got a hate on, mister, MF’er. I feel the same, too. You and me are practically brothers because of that, thing, you keep railing against, but it’s not America’s fault. It is the fault of the enemy that possesses you. In your possessed state, however, you might be an even bigger idiot than Donald Trump. Unaired? What nationality is that? I’m into phrenology, but, of the word kind and of the signature of a writer. Yes, the spelling checker, and so on. Yeah, to America! The best ever life partner I could ever have hoped for. I’m guessing you live in the privilege of a European state, like the UK, where you can loft disparaging words from afar. And, when you need the protection from the thing you have hated, for very little reason whatsoever, you will one day be begging for your life for them to help you. Just have a little commons, mate.


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