Physics is neither post-fact, nor pre-fact, because physics is fiction. There is no underlying mechanistic cause and effect in physics, because what we experience in our daily lives and our physics experiments is a story that has been generated for us by an external source. The “delayed choice double slit experiment” strongly supports this idea, but so does the card trick by the magician, David Berglas, called “any card any number.” The participants, ie: the experimental physicist and the magician, are unaware of this. You examine the magic trick, for instance, and you assume there is sentience behind the magician and that he is doing a real trick. But, what if he were the same as the laboratory instruments in the “delayed choice double slit experiment,” and wasn’t performing a trick at all. He would be an image of a person that was by appearance only. We are biased to believe in cause and effect, because we take comfort in the explainable. We want things to be internally consistent. “The Universal Story Teller Theory,” is the most consistent explanation that I can come up with.