Andrew Martin
1 min readSep 27, 2020

I need SPACE, HIGH DYNAMIC RANGE, and ADULTERY (because I am older now). Love and room to grow.

I need heterodynamics, as well, and then I can be grounded.

I promise not to dance too much, because I know how it makes you feel uncomfortable. I can be so embarrassing. My friends have almost all left me anyways.

I only have God and the Devil. We are so alone. I’ve never had friends except for them. My friends have never left me. We are all. Totally in love with each other.

I will keep dancing, almost exactly as if you didn’t exist. Two-by-two Do-Sa-Do.

Do you remember that clever painting “Prairie Algorithms”, that’s a laugh. You were the one that was leaving.

May you find God, Sister-fucker.