Swift’s performance, in terms of benchmarks, is atrocious. I’ve written in that language for years, professionally. It has made me question the very foundation of Apple. I own two MacBooks and I have an iPhone, and I’m seriously thinking of ditching everything, and switching back to Windows or Linux permanently. You should compare the performance of ARRAYS using Swift versus C++, the difference is astonishing. I have an $18 Teensy 4.0 that is faster. I can summarize the Swift language in one word. Ready? “Sandboxed.” Using Swift is like listening to a recursively watered down version of the Spice Girls after 12 iterations. I can even picture the clothing, in my mind, of the Apple developers “writing” the language. The next new thing they will develop in the future will be called Brief. Swift is a vulgar example of corporate privilege. Who the F___ cares what’s new in Swift!