Thank you. I didn’t intend to write such a long response, but I had some free time due to the pandemic lockdown, etc. It has taken me awhile to grasp some of the implications of that modern physics experiment. I think it to be one of the most intriguing experimental results, perhaps the most intriguing. There is also an interesting theoretical idea about the maximum information that can be contained within a black hole. It turns out that the total information is related to a black holes surface area, rather than its volume. This too, is very unexpected. So, do we live in 3-dimensions or 2-dimensions? I think the answer is neither. I think we live in as few or as many dimensions as our living thought is capable of imagining, which is to say much more advanced than our current human evolutionary plateau. We live in a complex mixed reality world with highly advanced beings and cultures beyond ourselves. It is not a physical world, but one of living imagination. With this realization comes an unstoppable hope and promise that, despite all the bad things that we see going on, is transcendent. Believe it or not, you can train your mind to reach out to those beings. I am not really explaining things about physics. The topic is metaphysics. It took me quite awhile to understand this. Just for your information, I have been actively seeking higher awareness for several decades. What I have discovered firstly, is that things are interactive. If you put your mind to a question then you will find that you will be shown answers to it in your everyday life. Be warned though, not everything is friendly.

That’s a very beautiful quote, by the way!