Thank you for sharing the video.

I know exactly what is going on. Would you like me to tell you? Organic matter can be “released” to create energy. Sunlight is created in this manner. Organic matter, “us”, is used to create sunlight. It has something to do with the binding energy that we contain.

Do you know who the “bringer of light” is? Google it. You’ll be surprised. That being kills the middle ground and fosters the polar opposites… the left and the “right.” It has something to do with control.

I have been trained and educated to know this. No joke.

Forget what you see with eyes and your experience, as being your life. You are watching a movie… a hologram, virtual reality, mixed reality, whatever you want to call it. We live in a false world, an experience of physical reality where in fact nothing is physical.

Maya is a deceiver. Our world is controlled by malevolence. No joke.