The Earth is a crop circle. Humans are farmed. That is the message.
What you don’t realize yet is that things like pain can be concentrated and transmitted the same way as electricity. You can use this energy the same way as electricity… to do work. We live in a world of deception. Human beings are enslaved, and are not aware of it.
I have seen and communicated with those alien beings that are exploiting us. I have experienced the concentrated emotions, too.
We don’t live in a physical reality the way we think we do. We live in a mixed virtual reality. Those crop circles are not created by man. They don’t need to be. They are like a holographic insert into a virtual experience.
If what I’m saying sounds alien to you, it’s because it is. What you think of as nature, forests and oceans, etc., is 100% artificial. Everything here has been designed by outside intelligences that are not our own.
I know that those exploiting us and harming us intend on doing it forever. There is no bargaining with them. There are on the other hand beings that oppose them, and those beings that oppose them are sending you a message. This is no joke. I know a whole lot more than what I’m telling you.


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