Andrew Martin
2 min readJun 11, 2022


I shall tell it to you in the guise of poetry so that difficult things can be discussed.

It looks like rain way in the distance, a transparent ether in mid air that hovers and weakly clings to itself and that touches everything. It billows up like snow drift, right up out of the ground, as if bushes were turning into shovels. Its movement is clockwork. You can see it diffracting light, too, especially when that light is coherent, imitating fog through the glare of a street lamp, for instance. The newer cars with their newer head lights work really well to diffract it.

It is like an invading grid army of weakly interacting massive particles, but because we are so large they seem small, and because we are so slow they seem fast. It has all the form and elegance of a bead curtain and all the function of technology. It is a field agent that is itself a mesh network.

On the skin it feels like static. However, through that wiry connection it can transmit almost anything.

Our chunky rustic holodeck crop circle has been producing widgets like nobody’s business and for a very long time. I am the only one that knows this.

I am asking you, do you see the same thing too?