Andrew Martin
11 min readMar 13, 2021




You just won’t believe what I am about to tell you. However, know this, I have barely begun to say anything yet.


When I was in medical school we rotated once onto a psychiatric ward to study clinical psychiatry. There was a group of us (students) and an attending clinical professor. We were introduced to a patient one day that suffered from a type of clinical psychosis. The patient said that he wasn’t feeling very good that day. The professor asked the patient, what it was that was bothering him. The patient replied, “My penis is turning into a button.” We all looked at one another, as one does, when confronted with something that seems crazy. The professor then asked the patient to show us what he meant, and to pull down his trousers. So, the patient, while lying in the hospital bed, undid his pants and pulled them (and underwear) all the way down. We all looked in amazement. His penis looked just like a button. An inch or so wide, and only about 3–4 millimetres high.


I arrived early one day at my girlfriend’s apartment. She wasn’t there because she hadn’t yet gotten home from work. While I waited… she called me on her cell phone and said that she was walking home, and wondered if I would like to walk towards her to meet her halfway, maybe to go out to dinner or drinks, or something. I said yes, and started to walk in her direction. As I walked, I kind of went into a daydream. I started counting the cracks in the pavement with each stride. Within the interval of two or three paces, I imagined that I had walked past her and had missing her, and that we had walked past one another. I then imagined an argument that ensued that seemed to last about 40 minutes where she became angry at me for not seeing her. In that argument there were many points and counter-points being made by each of us, and I had managed to say all the right things to calm her down and to salvage the evening… so that we could have fun and not argue anymore. And then do you know what happened? We did walk past one another. She went into a rage. And, we had the same argument that I had just previously imagined, and it dragged on for about 40 minutes. I remembered and repeated all those things I had previously said to her in that daydream, and that eventually calmed her down. In other words, I experienced an episode of 40 minutes compressed into one or two seconds, which also predicted the future.