There is a German lone word, Krappenshiten, that means the “last betrayal of love.” It’s very self conscious and poignant.

Me and Bill, or William as I call him, are on a first name basis, since from forever ago. The fact that he is “rich” just confuses things. He once reluctantly offered me a towel in a sauna. How weird is that?

I knew nothing about Epstein. Though, perhaps I should have known more. I had a faltering grace with respect to Melinda, and I know that she cherished those moments by rote. What intervals had we just praised, I wonder now. Though, of course, life is not always simple. I wonder now if it is even possible for Melinda to re-marry? She, may probably not. Oh, the betrayal. Or, as the French say L’amour L’amour L’amour! Krappenshiten.