This article illustrates the ongoing falsely positive image of life that is based on our collective anthropocentric and myopic perspectives. There are so many problems with the articles premise’s it is almost hard to know where to begin. I’ll list a few, though:

  1. It is becoming increasingly apparent on scientific grounds, in modern times, that we exist within a holographic construct rather than in space-time. In other words, our individual and collective realities have more in common with watching a television channel rather than existing in freedom and space.
  2. We don’t study science so much as we study the observations within a simulation. It is within the deep contradictions of our “scientific” findings that we are beginning to see the falseness of the world as it is presented to us.
  3. If you ignore human beings for the moment and just consider how the other animal species on our planet are being treated, you will begin to see a horrifyingly different world view.
  4. The notion that human beings are the dominant and superior controlling entity of this planet is also false.
  5. The fact that human beings have been at war with one another throughout their entire history should also be a red flag.
  6. You make the assumption that our earth world is benevolent rather than malevolent.

What if mankind was in a state of slavery, living within a television style network, and did not have free will but the illusion of free will? Furthermore, what if mankind was controlled to the point that their entire history was more like a pre-recording? What if the earth was more like a factory?