Very funny article! I like using old school C++ with plenty of GOTO statements, and if-else chains that go on for miles. LOL. Most of my code comments are to myself, though, because they are usually just an excuse to tell myself a joke in the future. I don't trust "programmers" that don't code. Who needs them anyways! Coding and problem solving are everything. To not code is probably one of the future's most deadly sins. Writing bad code is sometimes very refreshing, too, which I imagine as a type of internal liberation. Believe me, I could go on a rant about Swift that you wouldn't believe. I still don't know what the ~ operator does, and I don't want to know. Then there's the discussion about Functional programming languages... have you ever tried to read someone else's Mathematica code? They boast that they can do all this wonderful stuff using just one line of code... and I think "wow, well look at you." I think everything pisses off a programmer. By the way, i way prefer ATan2 versus ATan, and not many of my friends are even aware of this.