Very nicely written. Thank you. I have some thoughts on the matter. I believe that our perception of space, is just that… a perception. However, there is compartmentalizations. In other words, there does exist insulating barriers between things, such as individual life forms. I mean, if you stub your toe, I won’t feel it and vice versa. So, there is something that exists that takes on the physical property of a barrier or insulator, even though our space is an illusion.
The other thing I wanted to say is in reference to the Space Guild in the book Dune, by Frank Herbert. Because they travelled through space using the drug Spice or Melange. I say this because I have taken some fairly hefty doses in the past of Magic Mushrooms. Those mushrooms seemed very much like what he described as Spice, because you can watch physical reality rearranging itself and then remain in the changed state afterwards. I know that we live in a cognitive realm rather than a physical realm, but insulation and compartmentalization do exist and is a real thing.
The world is built out of thought and living energy, and not out of physical matter.
… just some thoughts to share with you. Thanks.


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