Very nicely written. Science is the same thing as faith. Science does not acquire knowledge. It just seems like it does. There is growing evidence that our world, for instance, is holographic. And, how even would you begin to explain the results of the “delayed choice double slit experiment”? My personal belief is that we live in a cognitive realm and not a physical one. In other words, our world is just something that is being experienced by an observer, similar to watching a movie. If so, then our science experiments would also be like a movie. This idea very easily explains the “delayed choice double slit experiment.” I also have an alternate but similar theory called the “universal story teller theory.” In that theory a world engine generates explanations for things no matter where you look. If you look to the microscopic world there will be smaller and smaller things to see, and vice versa when looking to the macroscopic world. However, the explanations would simply just be sketches, filled in by detail-on-demand. If you were an advanced being that evolved over a very long time, then such an idea put into practice would not be so far fetched. You might even implement such a world purely out of boredom.