Very nicely written, and a concise insight into Frankl’s ideas. However, I feel somewhat unsettled by this writing. One of the main contentions I have, is that we are forced as human beings to accept things as they are presented to us and we yield for some reason towards further scrutiny into our own predicament.

Why would we ever be “tested,” for instance? Life has been in existence for an eternity. Why now are we so willing to believe that our suffering is meaningful? Why are we as human beings in constant conflict with one another?

Did you know that 100 billion animals are slaughtered every year for our food consumption? I mean, that’s an unacceptable large number, an then we have the gaul to talk about love. It seems to me that we are doing this slaughtering in order to sustain ourselves in conflict. I don’t believe that we are evolving, or on some new wave of progress. I think this history is repeated over-and-over again in a real life Truman Show.

We shouldn’t accept things as they are presented to us. We should question why it is we keep fighting, and consider ourselves as a weapon of mass consumption.