Very nicely written. I truly have the answer you are looking for, though.

“Is nature an illusion?”

Yes, it is. It is a virtual mixed reality constructed by way of streamed thought forms, like memories. Human beings are a product of social engineering. The technology that produces the illusion of nature, etc., is ancient and vast… and comes from life forms that are non-human.

We don’t live in a physical realm, we live in a cognitive realm. It just seems physical. Everything you see has been designed. I tell you this in no uncertain terms.

I have seen many realms of life, even things that defy proper description. We live in an eternal world with technology. How far advanced do you think it is possible to get? Because, we have already arrived there a long time ago. I think I am the only one on earth that knows this. I could be wrong, though, there might be other people that know too.