Wow, I am totally with you! I grew mushrooms for a time and it totally revolutionized my view of my life and the world. Incredible! I don’t see it as a business, however, just a personal journey… the way I feel about exploring my other hobby, “the culinary arts”. I found the mushroom experience (in their cultivation) really challenging. I sought a greater experience in life, and that is exactly what happened. For instance, I made a sukiyaki dish just recently with two types of Asian mushrooms, and it was delicious! Don’t get me started, but the whole mushroom thing is top notch, A-number one, on a need to know basis. I know this might seem corny, and such, but the mushrooms were the key. I didn’t even know I had a lock to open. Phew! Had I not been a participant in the cultivation of one of “earth’s” great treasures I’m sure I would have been the worse off for it. Keep up the marvellous work!