You have written beautifully. Unfortunately, it does not reflect the truth of things.

Human beings, especially the wise historical sages etc., have all had an enourmous biocentric bias towards their understanding. They have, to the best of my knowledge, all been wrong. The bias in their thinking creates a kind of insurmountable wall in any attempt at meaningful understanding. In order for me to explain further I am going to have to introduce ideas and personal experiences that are going to seem outlandish.

Here are some introductory points:

Firstly, human beings have no sovereignty. Freedom and free will are an illusion, for the most part.

Human beings are not the top of the food chain on this planet or any other planet.

There is no physical reality, as we know it. Our physical world is simply an experience of a physical world.

There is no such thing as the "natural world" as you define it by looking at trees and mountains, etc.

Our world and universe are a product of advanced technology.

In terms of assessing the scope of the various realms of life, there are both macroscopic realms and microscopic ones, and everything in between. We are absolutely surrounded and overlapped by these other various forms of life. There are large singular beings that you may identify as beings that are of spirit, but there are also beings that are highly futuristic that exist in microscopic syncitial form in the multitude that have a "physical" appearance that I cannot even begin to put into words. There are civilizations that exist living on what appears to be multidimensional networked avenues of light fiber. There is also God, too.

In other words, reality is much more advanced and complex than any human being here on earth realizes.

Human beings are also unaware, and this unawareness is by design.

I could go on, but I don't want to freak you out too much. Good luck.