You know what? I no longer believe that the speed of light is a constant. I no longer believe in our measurements, or the scientific method. I’ve witnessed life, in divergent branches, playing itself out simultaneously, where the “observers” have no memory or awareness of it. I’ve had several hours of experience within the interval of a few short steps while going for a walk. I’ve had day dreams that predict the future. I’ve had episodes of an evening that I lived simultaneously with two completely separate experiences, and memory of both. This “life” and “earth” are an experience made by observers… us. Why do we believe things that we are told without questioning them? Because, I think, we have higher regard for others than ourselves. We think there is an expert “out there” somewhere that knows things far better. But, what if we are the expert? Put it this way… I know for sure that our ideas of physics are meaningless. We don’t live in a physical world. We live in a world of mind. Question what you are being told and what you are thinking. There is no paradox.