Your article is pure fiction. We live in a world, according to your science, with approximately 170 trillion galaxies in the observable universe. The two key words here are TRILLION and GALAXIES. A galaxy is a celestial body that has millions and/or billions of stars. Those stars also have planets. It is not possible, therefore, to measure any one gravitational event. It would be easier to listen to a mouse’s movement in Zanzibar from, let’s say… Magrathea. We are living in a reality TV show. How much more obvious do things need to become before you realize this. You are just simply believing whatever you are being told. The problem, I guess, is that the number 170 trillion is too big a number for you to conceive of. You are being fed a data stream that is internally inconsistent. There is no such thing as the speed of light, because there is no such thing as space or time. Read the book “Beyond Biocentrism.” Or, listen to it in Audible. Seriously.